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Stem Cell and Plasticity Collaborators

Diane Krause
Bryon Petersen
Saul Sharkis
Jose-Carlos Segovia-Sanz
Lola Reid
David Shafritz
Sanjeev Gupta
Chris Cogle

The Cell Team Members

Jane Prophet
Mark d'Inverno (Joy)
Rob Saunders
Peter Ride

By and about...
A Transdisciplinary Collaboration
Modeling, Simulation and Visualization of Stem Cell Behavior
Creative Conflict in Interdiscplinary Collaboration
Revealing All
Perspectives on Aesthetic Computing

Cell Team Projects
Mapping the Collaboration
Staining Space

Ingo Roeder
Markus Loeffler
Alexei Kourakine
Complexity Digest

Science and Spirituality & Mind-Body Medicine


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