Neil Theise, MD is a diagnostic liver pathologist and adult stem cell researcher in New York City, where he is Professor of Pathology and of Medicine at the Beth Israel Medical Center of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His research revised understandings of human liver microanatomy which, in turn, led directly to identification of possible liver stem cell niches and the marrow-to-liver regeneration pathway. He is considered a pioneer of multi-organ adult stem cell plasticity and has published on that topic in Science, Nature, and Cell.

Subsequently, while continuing laboratory and clinical research, he has extended his work to areas of theoretical biology and complexity theory, defining a "post-modern biology." These ideas suggest that alternate models of the body, other than Cell Doctrine, may be necessary to understand non-Western approaches to the body and health. Current laboratory investigations focus on nerve-stem cell interactions in human livers, melatonin-related physiology of human liver stem cell and regenerative processes, and aspects of human liver stem cell activation in acute, fulminant hepatic failure.

While Dr. Theise's basic science research continues, sometimes proceeding into fairly rarified realms of investigative biology, his clinical and consulting work remains the foundation of his professional efforts. He is Director of Liver Pathology at Beth Israel, responsible for liver biopsy diagnosis of all the hospitals of the Continuum Health Partner's Network as well as for his clinical consultation practice, while continuing to participate in general surgical pathology diagnostic efforts of his department several days each month. He also continues to publish on clinical research interests which derive from this aspect of his career.


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