Who Are We?
Complexity, Stem Cells, and the Science of Being

Description: A talk given to students of Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in May 2010.

Zen Brain Retreat - 2008
Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe NM

Talk 1

Dr. Theise discusses his years of stem cell research, beginning with the human liver, expanding to stem cells of all tissues. He then takes us on an astonishing journey into the cellular organization of the human body, it’s correlates in the natural world (ants) and the incredible synchronicity with ancient buddhist teachings about the body-mind.

Talk 2

Roshi Joan opens this session with a discussion of what we don’t know, the quest for good questions to drive this research, the motivations behind the Zen brain research interest, and the connection of these studies to real life.

Dr. Theise continues with a fascinating look at perspective– how it influences scientific study, and how alternate perspectives have opened and continue to allow for new understanding about the body-mind experience and functioning.

Talk 3

Dr. Theise answers questions and discusses several topics including hypotheses regarding acupuncture and the seven chakra points, and how yogic practices may influence cellular and molecular biologic processes.


Zen Brain Retreat - 2009
Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe NM


Dr. Theise explains how complexity theory has provided a new approach for understanding complex biological processes, and how these processes have intriguing relationships to Buddhist theory. This talk begins with much the same material as Talk 2 from Zen Brain 2008, but at the end focussed on a discussion of how these concepts relate to this year's Zen Brain Retreat focus on "Compassion"

Neil Soten Theise's Shuso Hossen - March 2010
Dharma Talk "How to Buy a Peony" followed by Dharma Combat
Village Zendo, New York NY

A Shuso is a student chosen by a Zen teacher to lead a sangha during Ango, a three month period of intensive practice. The period closes with the Shusso Hossen ceremony, a special rite of passage in which the Shuso is recognized as a senior student. After giving a first-time Dharma talk, the Shuso's understanding is tested by questions from the community.

Link for text and images: http://villagezendo.org/journal/may_2010/soten_buy_peony_may_10.html



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