Stem Cells - Multi-organ plasticity

“Thinking is better than knowing,
but looking is even better!”

Goethe, Maxims

Hematopoietic mobilization in mice increases the presence of bone marrow-derived hepatocytes via in vivo cell fusion

Physiological variations of stemcell factor and stromal-derived factor-1in murine models of liver injury and regeneration

Liver from bone marrow in humans

Derivation of hepatocytes from bone marrow cells in mice after radiation-induced myeloablation

Toward a new paradigm of cell plasticity

Bone marrow-derived cells contribute to epithelial engraftment during wound healing

Radiation pneumonitis in mice: A severe injury model for pneumocyte engraftment from bone marrow

Developmental mimicry bone marrow contributes to epithelial cancers in mice and humans





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