Complexity, Emergence, and Post-modern biology

“There’s no such thing as a central dogma into which everything will fit...any mechanism you can think of, you will find -- even if it is the most bizarre kind of thinking. Anything. So if the material tells you, ‘It may be this,’ allow that. Don’t turn it aside and call it an exception, an aberration, a contaminant.”

Barbara McClintock
In: A Feeling for the Organism
    Evelyn Fox Keller, 1983

Implications of 'postmodern biology' for pathology: The cell doctrine

Cell doctrine: Now you see it, now you don't
Cell doctrine: modern biology and medicine see the cell as the fundamental building block of living organisms, but this concept breaks down at different perspectives and scales.

Postmodern biology: (adult) (stem) cells are plastic, stochastic, complex, uncertain

Perspective: Stem cells react! Cell lineages as complex adaptive systems

Understanding cell lineages as complex adaptive systems

Cell doctrine in a complex and uncertain world: Time for reappraisal?

Writings by and about the Cell team, an interdiscplinary art/science collaboration

A transdisciplinary collaboration modeling, simulation and visualization of stem cell behavior

Creative conflict in interdiscplinary collaboration revealing all perspectives on aesthetic computing




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